Why i love panties

I do confess that I wear nylon or silk womens panties and always wear them. Silk or nylon panties feel soooo great on the butt and my ***** it is hard not to think of ever stop wearing womens silk or nylon panties. The feeling is unbelieveable and make me feel good and hold everything in nicely and not like mens underware. I love to wear bikini style nylon or silk womens panties under my clothes in public.if someone sees my panty line oh well ! I also love wearing high cut nylon or silk panties and not other designers who make panties for men,just not the same feeling or comfort. I love wearing them for my fiancee she had suggested me try wearing nylon or silk womens panties to see what I think of the feeling of putting on a pair of womens panties and the feeling was great and now I'm addicted to the feeling and let her chose what pair of panties she wants me to wear that day.I love bying womens panties and my fiancee every now and then purchase panties for of her silky or nylon panties.... now I can't help but always think of which pair to wear because now my fiancee and myself have a lot of nylon panties....love them...

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  • Do you squat to p*** you weirdo ?

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