I cheated on my husband and loved it

I am now 39 years old, I think I look good for my age and like to keep fit and take pride in my appearance. Anyway I was back in CT with a girlfriend this weekend who is also married and we were drinking at the bars we did when we were college students and we were talking to two younger men who live in the same dorm block that we did. They asked if we wanted to come back and see it and we just thought it was an innocent request to let us feel nostalgic. We go into their room for another few drinks and we keep talking and end up drunk. Before I know it I'm kissing one while his friend has his hand up my friend's bra. I felt bad but me and my husband rarely have s** anymore and he was young and hot. He slid his hand up my skirt, parted my thong and started feeling my c*** and fingering me, I unbuckled his jeans and sucked his c*** while my friend was doing the same. He lay me on his bed, eat me out and then started f****** me, his c*** was so big and it felt so good, my friend was also getting f*****. He pulled his c*** out and I took it in my mouth and swallowed. They asked us to stay and half an hour later they swapped and I was being f***** by his friend who gave me my first o***** in years. I kept their numbers and we are arranging to go back next month. I love my husband but he doesn't meet my needs and doesn't even try to, I understand why women become cougars now as younger men have so much more stamina and try a lot harder to pleasure you. I have to get it off my chest, I am ashamed to have cheated and I am ashamed I will again, but I like it and I would rather have s** with someone while I still look good than be old and saggy while only having s** with my husband once a year since the age of 37.


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  • Regarding guilt, consider this: anyone who goes year-on-end not satisfying their spouse thereby gives consent for their partner to find it where they can. End of discussion.

  • You shouldn't feel ashamed. You are doing what comes naturally, not what society says you should do. I cheat on my husband all the time and absolutely love it. Us girls gotta have our needs met somehow!

  • This is why I always make an effort to fu ck my wife. However I maybe have a 3sum with another guy and me if the mood is right.

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