Eh what the h***.

So the other day I had lost it just a bit after downing to bottles of jäger back to back. I was with all of my friends when one of my friends kept f****** with me over a cigaret I got (because of the stage I was in) got p***** and broke it, after my so called best friend desided she would out me as a lying c*** . As anyone would I feel, I got a bit too mad and let out some of her family bull. Before I knew she punched me in the face, even while I was practicing being a less aggro drunk. It went from that to me getting up and deciding it wasn't over. Obviously my agility wasn't top notch so I got pretty beat up since in the first place part of me didn't want to be doing what I anitiated. Before I knew it I had people yelling and pulling me and her apart. Minutes later I found out I tried to punch my best friend in the face for saying what I did was wack. Everyone ended up leaving me at a park which wa pretty s***** because I was extremely blacked out and unaware of what I had just done. My friend came back to get me and he was now a lot more mad than he was when he left. I started to get mad again to so he decided to leave me near my house without anything said I was cold muddy and b***** bymyself. When his brother called me and was casually trying to "hang out " I found out he really just wanted to hook up with me . Although how I looked he kept saying how he didn't care, and at that mad drunk moment neither did I. Then the morning of I realized the past two days were all just me doing the complete and polar opposite of what I would have normally . I've been hanging around completely different people and if any of them knew any of things I did I'm pretty sure they wouldn't talk to me or believe me. I just needed to say it somehow.

Jul 19, 2015

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