I adopted my wifes child by a rapist

Before I met my wife she had been raped an impregnated by an illegal Mexican immigrant. She had a baby girl by the scumbag who is now in prison for the next twenty or more years, he was given a hard thirty years which means he has to serve the entire sentence and then be deported.

My wifes family are Catholic and thats why she didn't have an abortion.

To make a long story short I adopted this child as my own daughter. In the meantime I caught her beating the child almost to death and I had her arrested. I can no longer allow this woman to be alone with this helpless child so I divorced my wife and custody was given to me as the mothers family doesn't want the girl.

Now I'm a single male parent of my adopted child whose biological father is a prison time serving rapist.

The child is pretty and intelligent and my parent whom I live with plan to make she she wants for nothing.

Jul 22, 2015

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  • There's no consanguinity, so if she let's you, hit it up.

  • You are a good person. You did the right thing. Take good care of her.

  • You'll have to put aside her abusive mother and her inmate father. See her for who she really is and enjoy her company before she becomes an adult and leave for college. She's lucky to have you as her father.

  • If this is true you are one of the most amazing humans on the planet. This is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness ive ever heard. The girl obviously has had a rough life with her bio father being a rapist and her mother abusing her and you are an angel for sticking with her and taking her on as your own. You are a role model. I would shake your hand.

  • You are an admirable man. It takes more than blood to make a family. This girl is definitely your daughter as whatever higher power above chose to send her to you. You will be more a parent to this child than her own blood parents could ever be.

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