Taking Care of willy

I was bored at work so I went into the mailroom way in the back, where no one but me has a key. I needed to beat off real bad so I got to work on my willy, I like to finger my shaved a****** and stroke my shaved b**** while I beat off got going hot and heavy when all of a sudden, two chunky girls came in and caught me in the act. They stood in awh at the site, with the excitement I shot off like a wildman they both giggled and were as red faced as I was . They looked at each other and asked if they could see more, and said they would help, so they took turns touching my c*** ass and b**** they liked i was shaved .I asked if i could touch them so they dropped their pants and let me finger and eat them while they took turns with me .I bent one over and ate her a******.the other one ate my a****** and jacked me off ,they said no f****** but all else was fine, so I ate the others ass ,I let them finger my ass which turned out to be the whole hand, I was in heaven. we finished each other off got dressed and never talked about it again .I'm hope they pay me a visit soon it was a great day.

Jul 24, 2015

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  • Willy crack corn and I don't care

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