S** with my step brother

Hey im a 17 year old girl and my step brother is 18. We had s** at a house party back in May and both of our parents are single and for 3 months my mum has been dating his dad and We had no idea about this. Anyway his dad proposed to my mum which means were going to be step siblings. Our parents recently just bought a house so we can all live together mine and his bedrooms are next to eachother. Anyway we cant stop f*****g I mean we have no feelings for each other at all im loving being single and so does he. He's always touching my ass or b**** or h*** kiss me or my neck when our parents leave the living room or something. Hes so so so hot like s** god hot everytime i see him shirtless I just want to rip his sweats down and take him to my roomand f**k him. Our parents go out of town for business all the time so were home alone sometimes 2 to 3x a week or sometimes a week straight is there busy. I try not to do anything to him but I cant resist him sometimes hi just randomly pins me against the wall and h*** put his fingers in my underwear and obviously im a girl so i enjoy it and then we end up having s**. I dont no what to do I try not to do anything to him but he always flirst with me or he starts it and then it makes me want him. Hes just so hot and i love love love having s** with him our relationship isnt even like a sibling relationship its more like friends that f*** eachother with absolutely no feelings. He so fucken sexy like hes tall hes got a hot body hes tan hes d**k is big and i love it it probably like 9 inches and hes so good in bed and making me w*t. Id say im a hot girl as well im tan i have green eyes big b**** and a big but and a nice smile lol. We dont go to school so we usually just hangout at the house all day or go with friends. Our parents usually leave at 7am Monday Morning and we always get up with them and have some coffee and then write when they drive out the gates. My step brother closes the gates (we have automatic gates so you open and close them from the homephones) while hes closing the gate he has his arms around me so i cant move then he picks me up and starts making out with me i have an iud rod in my arm btw so i cant pregnant until i take it out which is in 3 years. Should we be doing this or not ?

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  • Hot fantasy. But get real. S*** only happebs in p***.

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