S** with my gym teacher

Iv been having s** with my gym teacher hes so hot. Okay so hes about 23 and im 17. It all started one day when I had p.e last block and once it was hometime at 3 the bell rung and we were gathering our things to leave when he came over to me and asked if I could help him clean up abit so I stayed and I was just helping him put the gym b**** into the containers and stuff like that and he toke his shirt off cause it was so hot that day and omfg i wanted to f*** him right then and there. We were in the gym and his classroom was above it and he went up to his class to grab his bag and keys and I followed him up there thow He didnt no I was behind him. I walked up the stairs and he was sitting at his computer I was so wet and h**** I needed him in me so I went straight over to him and sat in his lap and just started kissing him he didn't care at all he put his fingers in my shorts I told him I was h**** and i wanted to f*** him he had this cheeky grin on his face so i grabbed his hand and stood him up and he took his shoes off and i ripped his shorts and calvin cleins down and sucked him off his d*** was so long and big I f****** love it he was rock hard and he cam and it went right down my throat. He picked me up and layed me on the table and pulled my shorts down and started fingering me i was so wet his fingers slid right in. He was fingering me and eating me so good his tounge was going in and out and up and down he was sucking on it so good i cummed right in his mouth and he licked my p**** clean. he has a couch in his class so he picked me up and carried me over and sat down with me on top i slid his d*** inside of me and bounced up and down it was so good he was all hot and sweaty we gave each other hickeys and bite marks i left claw marks all on his back. His d*** was so hard inside of me finally about 20 minutes later he shot load after load inside of me it was so hot. We hookup and have s** everyday now. He seriously a s** god.

Jul 25, 2015

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