Welcome to being a single mom.

I just found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. I know who the father is and I'm not completely worried but for the past few weeks we haven't talk at all. When I finally was able to tell him I was pregnant. He called me a liar, didn't believe me, and that I was f****** another guy (a friend). And apparently there's pictures of it.

This friend I was "sleeping with" actually got fired and was upset and blamed me for it all which it was not my fault. so said he things that weren't true at all to our mutual friends and of coarse people talk and lie about things but long story short my child's father won't be him his child's life because he believes the lies he's heard from this p***** off friend.

I'm pretty upset.

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  • This may not be what you had planned, but you'll figure it out. And you do have choices. You could abort or put the baby up for adoption or keep it - all of them are your choices. Should you choose to keep the child, you may want to prove paternity so you can get child support. He may not be a great boyfriend, he sounds really immature. But not sure that it's right to keep who the father is a secret from this child. Only because your child will always want to know, and they should know. And you never know, this guy could grow up one of these days and be responsible and be a great father. Maybe you guys don't make it romantically, but maybe he could parent. But should you choose to keep this child, you will have to figure out a way to co-parent. And just in general - you can do better in the guy department.

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