Withdrawal, dammit

A couple weeks before the end of freshman year a few months ago, I woke up at a party where is blacked out on the floor, my head pressed against some rando's inner thigh. My face was inches away from her bush, which looked messy and smelled of dried saliva and, well, p****. I did not know who this girl was or remember hooking up with her, but the taste of her vag was still in my mouth, along with a p***, and I was hungover. It was really early morning and I left. Later that day, in the evening, I picked up some chick at another party where is gotten stoned on pot brownies and she sucked a condom off my c*** (she decided at the last minute that she didn't want to f***) and proceeded to give me the best head ever. Halfway through, my girlfriend called, saying she wanted me to come hang out at this party where some douchebag was hitting on her. So I ended the b****** early, got myself over to her friend's house, drank and later that night banged her on her friend's pull out couch. We did it doggystyle and she started shaking and leaking stuff out of her p****. So I started fingering her while still inside her and made her squirt even more. I ended that night vomiting in the toilet while she cleaned up the mess.
That was how much I was getting laid by the end of last year. Now I'm home, with my family and haven't gotten any in over a month. I'm feeling kind if desperate, which I haven't felt in a while. What the f*** do I do, get an escort or something? F***.

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