I wanna have s** with my gf mom

Alright I need feed back ASAP I have a girlfriend and we have been together for 2 years, (I'm 21)
my gf has to older sisters, one is 32 and then other one is 20, my gf is 19 well her mom is a petite lady about In her early 50s but man she looks in great shape for her age. Sweet nice body and she does Zumba so you can Imagine that ass. So lately I've been wanting to See her B**** because she got some implants (Double D) to be exact and I mean wow they are huge because she's kinda petite. So I told my girlfriend that I wanna see her b**** and feel them, (my gf and I are on the level where we can mess around like that) well as I said she has a older sister who is married and my gf mom shows her son-inlaw her b**** after she got them done. So I start to think how can she show her daughters husband her b****? Like she's not embarrassed or anything.

So one night I took my gf out to eat (recently) and she called her mom but I wasn't listen tin to the conversation but all I heard was "he wants to see your butt and your b****" (to not say any names)
And immediately caught my attention I was like what!! So I was like put the phone on speaker so I can hear what she saying, and I'm hearing her say "well I showed my son-in law my b**** and her loved them" but that was it. I asked my gf how was her reaction? She said oh she just laughed about it, I said she didn't get bothered? " nope she didn't mind it"

I thought sweeeet, I may have a chance so I told her again I wanna see her b**** would she get mad if I asked? , she to me just ask her " I think she will show you, I mean she showed the other guy" and I thought omg this is something I've been dreaming about cause I can imagine how much further it will go.

Also when I go over to her house I see her mom in a tight shirt and her Nips showing.
How can I ask her if I can see her b****? I wanna ask but all I'm afraid of is being turned down and then still have to see her because of my gf... Also I have a key to her house. My gf and I trust eachother so she gave me a key if I needed anything or if I can get something for her ect.
Please help me what can I do??

Aug 3, 2015

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  • Just tell her how amazing her new body looks especially her new b******. She already knows you want to see them. The only thing left is for you to be a good conversationalist and subtly ask her. For some reason, women want to show everyone their new b******. They must look spectacular for her to want to show them off. They're expensive as well so she's getting her money's worth.

  • Just because she may be willing to show you her b reats doesn't mean she will want to have s ex with you. do you know who she is f ucking? Is it a younger guy? If she is a s lut then you may have a chance, but remember, you are dating her daughter, so she won't want to harm her relationship with the daughter.

  • Really, idk who she is f ucking I don't even think she is f ucking at all. She has these great t*** and nobody is getting to enjoy them. I don't think she enjoys them her self cause how will she know that someone likes them without them saying it.
    Also I'm sure she doesn't wanna lose a relationship with her daughter but she is bipolar she verbally abuses her and sometimes physically.. My gf and I do stuff behind her back cause she is suck a B itch but my gf is very afraid of her.

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