I love older men

I had s** with over 26 men over the age of 48. they make me feel so loved and cherished. everytime i see an older man on the street, my panties get wet. there is nothing i like more than having a hot, wrinkly, c*** inside me every now and then.

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  • As a guy in my 40s, who regularly fks the much younger, as in..late teens to early 20s girls from the sports bar I go to, I need to say..We enjoy it as much as you do (although my item is not wrinkled)..Younger women that age eat up the least bit of compliments, are willing to do and try anything in bed, and, their soft, young bodies just keep my blood flowing..They'll dress slutty if you want them to, and are usually ready at a moment's notice.

    I took a hot, 20-something hostess home from her shift a few weeks ago. Petite, long-haired, big-chested hispanic girl. Commented on her fresh, white-nailed manicure, and you'd swear I said something so deep and sensual..This girl was all over me at a red light. Got her home, and joined her upstairs for a few hours. That's what I mean about eating up any compliment. "Your nails look hot", turned into s**.

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  • F*** 'em but don't marry them. They're only a few years before erectile dysfunction decimate your s** life.

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