Girlfriends finding other men for s**

Long story short, I have erection problems. Me and the girlfriend are trying to stay together but s** was a big part of our fun, now there was a strain. Until she went and got f***** the other night. I was mad at first but now things are a little better with us. She thinks if she can't still have s**, we'll be ok. I've said I'd like to be involved but she said the only way I can be involved is if I join in on sucking off and getting f***** up the ass by the guys she wants to bring home! Anyone done this with their girfriend? Or done it to someone else? She said I need to find out if I'm ok with it :s I've been watching gay p*** but I'm still not sure. Would guys like to f*** a girl and then f***/get sucked by her boyfriend? How would they do? She says I'd have to do whatever these guys say which makes me worried. What kinda things would they say and do? Should I go along with it?

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  • I'm sorry but this is not a realistic long term solution. She'll eventually find another sexual partner and so will you. There are a lot of women who doesn't like s** so you'll have a lot of choices. Your solution will get old after a while. My husband also has ED and I get my needs met somewhere else. If my husband wasn't such a good man, I would've left by now. Honestly, we haven't had s** for a year because he couldn't perform. Yes, I've tried lingerie, p***, and everything under the sun. He also doesn't want to try V***** so our relationship is like brother-sister. ED is a physical problem, not a mental one. The stress makes the ED worse but isn't the main cause. Try V*****.

  • First of all the stress of the situation isnt going to be helping you, secondly if your aren't sure then the answers no. If your gf wants to s**** other guys then she will whether you agree or not so in my personal opinion you'd be better off going your separate ways.

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