I miss having s**

My husband is in his late 50s and we haven't had s** for a year. He's always had premature e********** and a small p****. I was perfectly happy when I was getting it five times a week, even though I could barely feel him. But he started to blame me from his waning sexual desire. He said he was "bored" with my body. I quit having s** after he said it the third time. Turns out he's been watching p***.

He finally admitted that he has ED and it wasn't my fault. I'm slim, am considered attractive, and am older but look ten years younger. We never argue so there's no psychological reason for him to reject me. We're pretty happy aside from this problem.

I hate my life because s** is important to me. I checked out a group of Marines the other day and contemplated sleeping with at least one of them. They were also looking at me as I passed by. I self-pleasure everyday but it's not the same as having s** with a real man.

My question goes to men or women who are in sexless marriages. How are you coping?

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  • You wanna f*** then ;)

  • Not easily honey. When I am really low I use my really large d**** sometimes I will expose myself to the old boy next door but I am a bit frightened I will give him a heart attack.
    I have always thought I might be bisexual so recently I have used a lesbian prostitute and I was right I am bi. It was lovely and it might work for you too.

  • I would consider going bi except I'm not into women. I have a vibrator and it does the job. But there's nothing that can replace the real thing. The more I m*********, the hornier I get. My vibrator always gives me a strong o*****, more than any man can do so far, but I love love love the feel of having a man look at me during s**, his body rubbing against mine, and the feel of his p**** jerking inside me.

  • There are plenty of men who would love to satisfy you. Just get on Ashley Madison and you'll be fighting them off

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