Do guys ever tell the truth? Can

Do guys ever tell the truth?

Can girls ever be sure that what they say to you, they don't say to some other girl at the same time?

Can we ever believe them?

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  • No, you can never be sure of what ANYONE is telling you! That is where the word trust comes in! Men show you their true feelings through actions, not words!

  • why only guys? women lie way more than men, the difference is, we are better at it, so we don't get caught!!! we lie everyday. makeup, padded bras, high heels, fake nails, fake b****. . .not to mention the "fine" response to how are you. . .all lies, lies, lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Men usually say whatever will get them what they want. SOME men will deny this... if it will get them what they want.

  • No.

  • Women are the same way :) people in general are liars, just get used to it or learn to read people very well

  • Don't paint men with one brush. Learn to differentiate when you are receiving the answer you want to hear, or the truth.

  • stupid people posting comments, you are making us guys look bad... what they meant to say is... guys always tell the truth... yep... 100% of the time... so when i say i love you and that love is mainly about the physical attractions, which it is, you should definitely believe me with no doubts ... Mykie ^^

  • no of course they dont tell the truth just learn to play the game w/ them learn to tell when they lie and when they lie dont say aything and just lie back

  • im always true to girls, dont have a girlfriend maybe thats why...

  • um ......never guys never ever tell the truth..........ever....period......

  • Im sorry to tell you this but some guys do and soem guys dont ever ttel the truth. But if you work on them and ask questions they trip themselfs up.

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