Want to f*** my sister

I never felt sexually attracted to my sister growing up. She is only 1 year older. When were young i have memories of her telling me to lay down, she would them unzip my pants, pull down my underwear and squeeze my p****/testicles. She called it playing doctor. I remembet liking it back then but i realized when i think about these events in the present i get extremely aroused. I think this is because she kinda introduced me to sexual feelings in a way, so i associate them with her. I cannot hide though that i still find her to be very sexually attractive in the present ( large b****** and very full butt) I can not help but be aroused. I obviously never wanted her to know that she turned me on.. she did find out though which was the most embarrassing day of my life. I literally got a 100% full erection sitting next to her at the beach. There was really nothing i could do at that point but look down and try to make it go away. She did see it after a few mins and she tried to act normal but ended up laughing just out of emberassment i guess. Many of my friends over the years have also been sexually attracted to my sister (they would talk and joke directly to me about her b******, ass, p****, etc all the time).. and i think that kept me associating her with sexual acts. On top of that two of my really good friends had s** with my sister and i she didnt know that i knew. My friends thought i was p***** but it gives me a b**** thinking of her p**** getting f*****.

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  • Pursue her. I've been messing around with my hot older sister for years, and this is how it started. We'd flirt, touch, etc, and I'd get way up for her. Took me to work one day, wearing only her black bikini, and I got instantly hard. She knew, and asked "Did I do that?", followed by "If you can tell me what you want me to do, I'll do it..Just want to hear it from you", using her long nails to touch and tease my hard item. I told her I wanted her to taste it and suck me off, and, pulling behind a crappy wooden garage, she did just that.

    Dropped me off at work, and picked me up later. Repeat performance. As for friends, same thing..All of my guy friends lusted after her, including a few college dorm guy friends who had "plans" for her during one of her visits. They pretty much told me..If she leaves my room to go to the ladies room (at the far end of the hallway), she wouldn't get past the open study room without their having at her. Thing is, I think she'd have been up for it.

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