F****** dumb ass mother f*****!

B*tch I f*cked your boyfriend and he loved it! You don't mess with me cause next time I'm f*cking yo daddy and b*tch you know! hunny you tryed to get with my boyfriend so I just helped yours loose his virginity. I hope you die because imma be at your funeral laughing my a*** off!?? get a life get a real friend get a real man get a job go to school have everything fall apart then commit suicide.

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  • Woohoo!! Drama at the trailer park or Section 8 apartment complex!
    Which of your fatherless mongrels held your beer for you while you screeched and pulled each other's hair?

  • Friends of a feather, flock together. You two aren't that different...Going after each other's boyfriends..classy. And how exactly do you know it was "tried" and not "did" your boyfriend.

  • Wow, you're a real classy piece if work. Keep it up. I see your future and it's a miserable one.

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