Granny S**

I am in my 80s and have been alone for quite some time now. Recently a young man (we shall call him Jim which is not his name) who lives close by has been helping out doing a few jobs around the house. He doesn't charge me for his time I just pay for the bits and bobs when we shop at B&Q or Homebase. I really enjoy these little trips out, Jim always checks my seat-belt before we pull away. I initially thought it was him being very careful but after a couple of trips out he would 'accidentally' rub his hands over my b****** making sure they were in the correct place in the seat-belt. I pretended not to notice in case I frightened him off, the feel of his hands on my b****** was wonderful. One day he was doing some work and it was a very dirty job, why don't you have a shower I asked him when he had finished. Great said Jim and I said I would sort some towels out for him. Well I took the a towel up for him and walked into the bathroom and he was standing there naked - with a large erection, I think he was playing with himself when I walked in. I hung the towel up and asked him if he wanted anything else, he said a glass of soft drink would be nice. I went down and poured him some lemonade and took it up to him. When I walked in the bathroom he was by now in the shower. I asked in a sexy playful voice if he wanted me to wash his back and he said yes please and could I do his front as well. So I washed him all over making sure that his c*** was nice and clean, that took me some time and for some reason he came while I was doing it. While he was drying off I went into my bedroom and took all my clothes off and started to m*********. Suddenly Jim's head was between my legs and he was eating me out. We have had s** on many occasions since then and it has been marvelous, I learned how to do a b******* and other things and I was very surprised how much I liked his man juice in my mouth. I know i won't last long, Jim will tire of me but if this lovely young chap wanted his way with me surely others will when Jim has had enough of me.

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  • I wish someone would f*** me.

  • I.m 75. My 25 year old grandson f**** me when he visits. I had my p**** eaten for the first time by him. I couldn't believe how marvelous it was.

  • I'm a 73-year-old widow and my grandson humps me to oblivion. He's just turned 17, and is a vey good repeater - 3 or 4 times in one afternoon.

  • If any granny or elder women interested can write to me on i m 30 yrs old

  • Good one

  • I played a rotten trick on a granny. The lift in this granny's flat was not working so she went outside to ask for help. I took her shopping up to her flat and as a reward she made me a cup of tea. I had already smacked her bottom a couple of times and she seemed comfortable with that so I asked her what she would do for £50. She thought £50 was a lot of money and when I asked for a BJ she said she would do that for the dosh but with one stipulation. I was NOT to c** in her mouth or on her face, in fact she would have a towel ready and I could c** in that. I told her not to worry because she would know when I was c****** and she could pull back - ie get out of the firing line. But I fooled her, as I was coming up to o***** I kept as still as I could and made no noise. I shot my load in her mouth, she jerked back and got the rest of it on her face. Boy was she annoyed, she kicked me out but forgot to ask for the £50. RESULT!

  • I wouldn't have minded that at all, in fact quite the opposite.
    From the granny above.

  • Good for you Granny, you just keep enjoying it while you can baby.

  • Thank you, I will. I was married at a very young age in the 1950s and the s** life in my marriage was very orthodox and not that much fun. When I was in my 30s I had a little affair with a chap in the office I worked in at that time but even that was not that risque. He would take my top off and suck my nipples, he loved that and so did I. I would take his p**** out and bring him to o***** with my hands, I used to love it when he spurted his man juice. I loved the feel of it if some went on my hands. But we never went all the way, I suppose it was because I wasn't on the pill, can't really remember the reason but we never did. One thing I do regret was when a friend of mine, who was bisexual tried to seduce me and I said no. I don't know why because I fancied her as much as any man, I just thought it was wrong at the time - oh dear. I am currently trying to seduce one of my friends, she doesn't mind me feeling her b****** but I am not sure how far she will let me go. I am thinking of letting her "find" one of my d***** and watch her reaction. Since me and Jim started having s** I haven't needed my d***** as much, it would be nice to get her to do a threesome with me and Jim. I just need to create a situation where I can get her or Jim naked in my house when the other is going to turn up. Thinking cap on, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

  • Got a bit further with my friend last night. I left a d**** laying around under a magazine that I knew she might pickup. When she held it up and asked me what it was she had a smile on her face she knew what it was. I asked if she wanted me to show her how to use it and she nodded. So I pulled my skirt up and my knickers down, massaged my p**** until it was nice and moist and then shoved it up me I always like that first sensation when it slides in - dreamy. She watched intently and started to fondle my b******, in fact she got melons out and started to suck my nipples. I just worked that old d**** until I c**. After that we just sat cuddling one another an fondling each others b******. I won't rush it but I predict we will be eating each other out before too long. I am a naughty girl.

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