C** coffee

I have fanisized about my wifes sister for years. She loves to show her cleavage around me and flurt alot, which p***** my wife off. To cap it off my niece loves to whear very short skirts and her panties almost always are ceaping up her ass. I see it all the time when they are over at our home, She called one morning and said they are coming over and she asked me to get the coffee ready.

So I jacked off into a coffee cup, it was a HUGE load. All i could think about was my d*** in their mouth as I was c******. The thought of my c** in their mouth was intoxicating. I mixed in alot of creamer and then made the coffee. I gave them each a cup and jut talked with them as they drank it. I was flurting very heavy with my sister-in-law while they drank it. I even made a comment about maybe next time i could add a little special creamer next time. she smiled and then said your bad.

I have thought about this many times and I have had the oppertunity to do it 2 more times.

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  • Such a thrill watching them take your load.

  • I slid the moist crotch of my mother in laws panties up and down my shaft before my wife gave me a b******* I told her to lick me I wanted her to taste her mothers slit like the so many times I have one time while she licking and sucking the taste of her mothers slit off my shaft I was sniffing and licking her mothers panties at same time she never knew. ..momspantysniffer

  • Do not sperm up coffee . you are breaking the law. she may for fun sue you if she finds out. Just for fun and send you to prison. it may seem sexual to you but not to a court judge. you should want to have intercourse with your wife's sisters all of them. you are human . its normal. its Ok to tag them if they can keep it to themselves. I dont feel little miss flirty can. You can nail her after your divorse in about two years.

  • If only

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