Im going to h*** for sure

For the past few years i have been sexually attracted to the choir director of my church which we will call Mary, but here the thing Im happily married. Just the other night i dreamed that she approached me and said that why could we not be be friends, in a very seductive way. She took me by the hand and took me for a walk. We got to a strip club, took me to the back were she began to suck my c***. Then here sister came into the picture, saw what was going on. Said "Oh my what a nice looking c***, can i have sum?" Mary said yes, then out of no were she begins to ride the crap out of me. She gets up and leaves. Then mary approaches me, i begin to suck on her breast while fingering her. I get her on her knees and make her give me a f***en great b*******. We then began to smash hard core, doggy style, reversed cowgirl the whole nine yards. But for some odd reason while we were smashing people were coming in and out of the room, then we had a kid that began to cry thats when my mother in law came in. All i can do was hide from her. And thats when i woke up. But the weird thing is that this is not the first dream i have of her? What should i do and what does this mean????

Aug 15, 2015

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