The discovery of the joys of r******

I discovered the wonderful joys of r****** quite by accident back in the days when I was married. Now my missus at that time was quite used to waking up in the middle of the night to find a big cockney tongue up her 'rum and ribena' and she would lay there until she c** and then tell me to p*** off and go to sleep. My urge for eating out her p**** sated I would then drift in to a comfortable sleep. Luvly Jubbly. After all it was my huge tongue that first attracted me to her, let's face it any lady would want their man to have a large tongue. Now this picture of wedded bliss was about to undergo a drastic change when one night my missus fell asleep on her front, something she never ever did. Well I woke up (as usual) in the dead of night with a raging desire to taste some p****, it was like a burning sensation that just made me go crazy and p**** juice was the only cure. Well I starts my licking and this felt quite different, I was in a very soft and warm place and this softness was all round my face. She also smelt and tasted different, quite delicious but very different to normal and I am liking this I thought. Next thing I know she is bucking like a wild horse and asking WTF is going on, this brought me to fully awake and as I looked down I realised I had been licking her a*** for the last 5 minutes or so. I sat up and said 'Oh I am very sorry my little desert flower, I did not realise you were sleeping on your front' and with that I pulled back to my side of the bed. "And where the f*** do you thinking you are going to then?" she said in that commanding voice that most women have. "Get your face back in my a*** and finish what you started" and I did and it became our favourite piece of foreplay. Now we didn't even know that this was called r****** until my missus was telling one of her mates what perverted practices I made her do and she told her that it was called r****** and how much she herself loved it. Happily my present GF loves r****** and being rimmed and has been practicing sleeping on her front! She weren't so pleased though when one morning when her Mum, who was staying with us for the weekend, walked in and she was on all fours, her bum stuck up towards the ceiling and my extravagant tongue was licking her a*** like crazy. I am going all funny just thinking about, hey luv are you busy my little church mouse?

Aug 15, 2015

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  • Are you from the west country?

  • A happy accident.

  • Yeah and I have found from that first time with my x-wife that it is great with her lying flat on her tummy because when you go in you get all this softness around your face, for her lovely cheeks. If you are doing it as a part of a 69, you can be eating her minge out and you just move up a little bit to lick her a*** then you don't get this softness, but then then again she is sucking your c*** at the same time. Best do it both ways then.
    After I got divorced the first GF I had was a little on the plump side and if I rimmed her when she was lying flat on her tummy then this softness I speak of was even better. She also had really big milkers and you could play with them all night and not cover the same ground twice. She left me for a vicar eventually, said she was fed up with my disgusting perversions in bed and was in search of a more fulfilling life. I said we could do my perversions 'out of bed' like in the local park and there we might find a granny there who would like to watch, I would find that very fulfilling. She slapped me round the kisser, I think she thought I was a bit shallow. Still c'est la vie. Come on guys the next time you are r****** your bird then do it my way and experience the softness and then please report back.

  • Yup I tried that last night and it is sensational - as you say that lovely warm softness, It's like having a pillow there but which doesn't have that wonderful smell.

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