S** with my Professor

I was 21 when I decided to make love with my college Professor. He was a hot 34 year old and almost every girl in the class had a crush on him. One day after class, he called me over to his desk and waited until the room was vacant. Then, he slipped me his address with 6:00 written on it and winked. I assumed this meant something. Later, at 6:00, I pulled into his driveway and walked up to his door. I rang the doorbell and quietly waited before he opened up. He stared at me for a few seconds, looking me up and down. I was wearing a short skirt and crop top, which showed off my figure very well. He smiled and then invited me in. He had a nice colonial with two floors. He inherited quite a bit of money from his relatives. He brought me to the kitchen and offered me a drink. I politely declined and started to wander upstairs. As I ascended to the top of the stairs, I noticed all the doors were closed except one. Since I'm a curious person, I peaked inside to see d***** & s** toys all over the ground. I walked in to get a closer look and heard the door slam shut behind me. I quickly turned around to see my college Professor in his birthday suit. He had a 8.7 inch d*** that was hard as a rock. I was amazed at how beautiful his body was. "I'm going to rock your world," he said while throwing me onto the bed. That's when the real stuff happened. First, he took off my shirt and bra and stared at my perky t*** in all their glory. He started massaging my b****** and (very erect) nipples before he started to nibble on them. I urged him to keep going but he decided to move onto the next step. He removed my skirt only to find my pink panties soaking wet. He chuckled and then tore them off of me. Now, we were both naked and unsure of what was about to happen. Professor Smith (that was his name) took the first step. He started to lick my p**** and manipulate it with his tongue. He was good. I bit my lip and started to massage my own b****. I was loving every second of this. Once he finished up, he stuck two fingers in to recieve the last of my p**** juice. I smiled and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. His mouth tasted like my p****. "I taste amazing" I thought to myself. "Hey would you give me a b******?" he asked, sort of afraid. I nodded and started to get closer to his c***. It was so big and hard that I wanted to jam the whole thing into my mouth at once... but I didn't. Instead, I started to lick the head and softly massage his b****. I loved to tease guys back then. After doing that for 3 minutes, I couldn't wait any longer (neither could he). I took his whole shaft as far as it would go down my throat. I went in and out, softly biting down on his p****. Without any warning, he shot his load into my mouth. I pulled away immediatley, shocked at what just happened. His s**** tastes unbelievably good and salty. I licked my lips and then cleaned of the rest of his d*** with my tongue. We were both super happy and ready for the final step. Professor Smith put me on my back and got on top. I could feel his p**** brushing up against my v*****. He was (obviously) trying to find the entrance. I helped guide him toward it and pulled my p**** lips apart. "Are you ready?" he asked me. I remember responding "h*** yeah!" and winking at him. Then, before I could blink, he rammed his 8.7 inch d*** into me. "Ahh!!" I yelled, with complete pleasure. He kept plunging it in super fast. "Oh f***! F***! F***! F***!" I was screaming at the top of my lunges. I was so excited to be making love with my Professor that I forgot about condoms. I got nervous for a second and then remembered I was on the pills. He was still keeping the same tempo when I had my first ever o*****. I exploded and shot everything everywhere. Wow. It was incredible. I don't think I had ever experienced anything like that before. We both smiled and laughed and then fell right asleep. It was the best time of my life. So that's it. That's the time I had s** with my Professor.

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  • That would make a great essay

  • 8.759245!!!

  • P***+professor cliché

  • An 8.7 inch d*** huh, some measuring device you got there, what would a female Walter Mitty be called?

  • This is so HOT! I've always had a teacher or professor/student fantasy. So jealous, if this is a real story.

  • ...really? You honestly think that's not complete bullshit?

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