I cannot go a day without touching grapping or feeling a woman's t***, I have even got to the point of hugging my mum to grope her t***, think she has seen through the hugs because last night my mum walked in with her t*** out and said do you remember I use to breast feed you, I was stunned my d*** went rock hard and the idea came from no where when I said time to repay you and got my d*** out I seen my mum look and blush. My mum whoever didn't suck my d*** but she did watch me m********* and c** over her t*** best night ever. Thanks mum

Aug 23, 2015

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  • I had this several years ago, only with grabbing women's a****. Did it every day. Would walk around malls, food stores, flea markets, and, downtown during office lunch hour, and sneak in as many ass grabs on women that I could get away with. Only caught a few times, and only one got really mad. Actually met and had a drink with one.

    Best was at a college football game..Wow, the tight-jeaned assess I groped all weekend. Had to have my hands on 50 college hotties on Saturday alone.

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