Arab brother in law f***** me

I married a muslim arab.. so he had to take me to Saudi to live with him.. he is staying in one house with his brother.. 2 years younger than him.. my age.. it is actually prohibited to live with his brother but since he is family to him he considered it okay.. wrong decision..

i was always a h**** wife.. and my husband pleases me as he would.. but then things got very busy and he comes home late and sleeps.. even if i seduce him to f****** me.. he just sleeps.. this went on for weeks..

then one time.. i was in the kitchen drinking tea when i heard weird sounds from my husband's brother's room.. i peeked and saw him fapping his fully erect p****.. i wanted to stop watching but i cant help to stare at his c***.. it was so hard and full of veins.. and much thicker and bigger than my husbands.. he moaned until he came.. he has a sexy voice i got wet instantly.. i immediately went to my room and fingered myself on the thoughts of my brother in law masturbating his c***. i felt guilty and went to the shower to cool down. then i realized i didnt lock the door.

i cant stop thinking about my brother in laws d***.. i feel so h****.. plus we dont talk because he cannot speak english very well.. so just smiles and short phrases..

i turned the shower off and sat on the bowl.. spread my legs with my hand squeezing my b**** and the other playing my p****.. i started to moan.. i didnt realize i was moaning his name.. i didnt know he was standing near the door cause my eyes were closed.. i didnt know how long hes been there.. but he told me to stop what i am doing because its forbidden because im married. i was so shy.. he gave me the towel to cover myself...

after some days he set off somewhere and will be going on a trip.. so me thinking i was alone in the house slept in the living room wearing only a shirt without panties.. i was hoping to seduce mu husband when he gets home.. i was dozing when i felt a hand touching my butt.. and my legs.. with my eyes closed and thinking it was my husband i guided his hands to my b****** and then to my p**** .. he fingered me.. and i noticed he isnt wearing any ring.. then i knew it was my brother in law touching me.. i was so h****.. i didnt know what happened but he carried me in his room..kissed me hungrily.. kissed my body.. sucked my b**** and my c***.. he sucked my p**** so hard it was painful i moaned in pain.. i can feel his arab c*** coming out of his boxers... i want to suck it but i promised myself i will only suck my husbads p****..

he looked me in the eye and positioned me in a doggy style position and slowly entered me.. i felt like a virgin again.. his d*** slowly stretching my vaginal walls.. i moaned it was so delicious i moved and thrusted with every movement.. feeling his p**** inside and out.. he took it out and f***** me in missionary position.. it was deeper.. i clawed his back until he f***** me faster and deeper and he moaned.. he came inside me.. his c** was so hot and amazing i felt his d*** throbbing with s**** inside my womb.. im scared i might get pregnant but i was taken aqay by the feeling.. now i fantasize of him and my husbang me together.. but its impossible.. cause if he will know.. he will kill is both.


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  • You are in so much peril.
    Think girl.
    S** isn't everything.
    Do not become the next honor killing.
    You would be better off getting out of that country, divorcing your husband and going into hiding than being killed.
    You need to Get Out NOW!
    This is a very dangerous situation.

  • In Islam it is halal.

  • Is it not a sin if our husbands go around f****** other ladies. Its a natural craving which needs to be attended if hubby cant deliver.

  • It is popular in Arab families.

  • Be careful. Their laws for infidelity is strict. Buy an open ticket to your home country so you can leave at any moment. Otherwise, this is so hot.

  • So hot made me want to f*** my husbands brother. i wish i can finger myself in our sala too if not for my mother in law :(

  • Probably because they have big boners for seex

  • Why do women marry these terrorists?

  • Becuase she is a w**** like your mum

  • Infidel w****

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