Hate huge c***

I let my hubby arrange for 4 men to f*** me blindfolded, I was really enjoying it, even their embarrassing comments, like calling me a fat s*** dirty b****. The 1st 3 were great but the 4th was huge, it hurt was not enjoyable at all, only his k*** would fit in my mouth as I sucked him off but he was also a big spunker and filled my mouth with his lovely c*** juice.

Does anyone else hate huge c***, it was my fantasy to have one but give me a fat 6 inch any day

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  • My ex was large and I liked it once I got used to it.

  • Love it! Like to have painful s** the bigger the better thickness over length mind

  • Fake catcalling catfish f*** off.

  • Oversized c**** hurt and are no fun at all. I hate them.

  • I love them, I really enjoy sexual pain, my f*** buddy is huge and stretches my c*** to its limit, he f**** me for ages but finishes in my mouth, like the poster I can only get his k*** in my mouth and my c*** is sore from a few days but I love it

  • What was your experience? Darling xxxx

  • Thank you darling xxxx

  • I had the same fantasy and like you I didn't enjoy it. Want to try lesbian s** next. My husband encourages me to do this as he f**** me he also wants me to take a black c***, I'm not sure as I'm not attracter to black men

  • Forget about it, the whole 'big black c***' is a hoax, check this article
    and by the way if your husband wants you to have s** with other man doesn't really care for you in the first place, what kind of man wants to share his wife intimately with other people as if she was an worthless object!? have some pride, some dignity, and tell your husband that is a cuckold and probably also a Jeb Bush supporter.
    you deserve better, best wishes.

  • F*** off you w*****

  • I hate the idiots who think guys with small d**** can't keep women satisfied. I have trouble sleeping with women and then keeping it casual. Most women think if I'm willing to make them c** several times before I even stick my d*** in them, than I must have serious feelings.

  • I think you have missed my point, I'm interested in women's opinion on being f***** by a huge c*** but I bet your a good f***

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