My sexy aunt

Today i was with my aunt in her car going to the grocery store. She is shorter than me and about 45 years old and is very attractive. So while we were in her car, we talked and talked about our days we used to have when she used to sleep over at my house when my family was gone for a while. Then I remembered one time she was in her pajamas and she was looked for something and her shirt was not buttoned up fully and i got a beautiful glimpse of her breats and i got hard and tried to hide it that night i masturbated while she was asleep because her b****** are big and lovely. Then we talked about another story how we used to have walks together. I remember she held my hand and held my arm tight and used to walk and hug me grabbing my waist like i was her boyfriend. I loved it. In the car i started to get a massive erection and i looked at her and she looked back and smiled. Then i took at look at her breats and i got even harder. Once we got out of the car she was wearing tight jeans and was walking in front of me. Her short body made her beautiful breats and sexy ass look so big i had to try to hide my erection. Her hips were so big and her curves we so sexy i wanted to rip off her jeans and stick my p**** right inside of her ass. I have dreams that i have s** with her and we would sleep together. My question to you all, should i ask her to have s** with me ?

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  • When he was 18, my nephew forced me onto the sofa and raped me. I didn't report it becaussed I actually cummed as he was pounding me. I was 53 at the time.

  • Depending on where you are there may or may not be legal issues but if you keep it on the quiet, think she's interested and use all the normal protections. ..... go for it.

  • No that's illegal to have s** with ur aunt unless you want retarted babies

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