Woodland s**

On Friday we were walking home from the pub and I was feeling h****, I suggested we go home through the woods, we knew an open area with a picnic table. My husband stripped me naked, except for my boots and tights, he ripped the crouch out of them, he was still fully dressed which turned me on. He was ducking my nipples and fingering my c***, I was wanking his fat circumcised c***. He pushed me back onto the table put my legs over his shoulders and began f****** me, my chubby t*** bounced, as he pounded my c***.
I looked to the side and there was a bloke watching us, that really turned me on, I stared at him, he moved closer, he had his c*** out wanking, I was thrusting onto hubby's c***, he c** and the sight of his s**** shooting out of his c*** made me c**, my c*** tightened around his c*** and he spunked into me.
I dressed and as we walked home, I told hubby about the bloke watching, he git an instant h******, pushed me to my knees and stuck his c*** in my mouth, as I sucked him, he called me a fat s*** and I wanted he bloke to f*** me as well, I looked up at he, still wanking his c*** and said yes I did, I wanted him in my c*** and mouth at that his c*** swelled and he c** all over my face.

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  • Would you have let him f*** you

  • Yes I would have loved it

  • Have you f***** any one else?

  • Yes, my husband works away for two week periods. I have needs so I go out and pick someone up, just for a f***. If I don't pick someone up, I usually get the cab driver to f*** me. I know my husband f**** other women when he's away and I'm sure he knows I f*** other men.
    We both get what we need and he f**** me like a w**** when he is at home

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