F****** my boyfriends friend while high

I'm a stoner and so is my boyfriend. I love getting high. Sometimes it makes me really h**** thoe. My boyfriend and I have been dateig for 9 mounths. We just moved in together. Our friend lives next door and he comes over often to toak up with us. I can't help but get so turned on when he comes over. He flits and I flirt back sometimes. We've been alone together and I have so many fantisys about f****** him a lot. There so many chances I could take to f*** him but I love my boyfriend so much. And he understands this feeling I have for him. Idk I tryed to ask permission to f*** him once but it upset him to much so I dropped the situation. I just want to get stoned with this guy and f*** hard. Sometimes I feel like I have a crush on him.

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  • I used to smoke a good amount of pot with my hot older sister, at her apartment. It always made her and us revved-up, and, as we'd messed around sexually anyway, usually resulted in a romp in bed.

    One weekend, I visited her place with a college friend, who knew of my activities with her (and envied me, as he'd met her before). We fired up a few, sitting on the couch with her in between us. The more relaxed and horned-up she got, the more receptive she was to having us both. I started in on her, hands up her shirt, kissing her, and leaning her into him. He wrapped his arms around her, undid her jeans shorts, and, with little more than a head-nod of "yes", she let us both have at her.

    We made this a somewhat regular thing for awhile. I was practically a god to him for my way with getting her smoked up and open to two on one's.

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