Ignorant homophobic white people in foreign countries p*** me off

Just reading some stupid hostess in Japan who is a foreigner from Germany or Russia, I don't know but she has this idiotic name and she's got "Straight Pride" as one of her only two profile pictures. I'm wonder why the f****** h*** this moron is even breathing while she posts drivel denying Japanese war crimes. F*** these suck-up pathetic whitey loser b****** who can't f****** see the s*** they're swimming in.

Sep 5, 2015

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  • Now, reading your post proves you're just as racist. Whitey. Homophobic. All countries commit war crimes, including good old America. I am guessing your color would be black, well actually brown, would you be offended if I said you are a typical complaining n*****, boot lipped spook who lacks the educational level to put forth a good argument. My religion taught me it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I think gay marriage is wrong. Sodomy is still illegal in many states. Just saying my feelings.

    I'm tired of being told my beliefs are wrong and i need to change my thinking, WHY???? They are my beliefs. You should be forced to accept mine the same way we are having your beliefs forced on us.

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