I really want my Woman to look like a s*** in the Bedroom.

It doesn't matter who I am with be young or old, but when it comes to the bedroom I want my Woman to wear things that make her look slutty. A lot of makeup and the shiny Lip Gloss. I want her to wear sexy Outfits and for sure High Heels or a pair of sexy Fashion knee Boots or Thigh hi Boots. It just doesn't excite me to be in Bed with a Woman that is totally Naked. I have felt this way since I was old enough to know about S**.

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  • My Wife came home from Work one day, all dressed in her Business Suit and Heels. That Lipstick she Wears just makes me think of all the bad things those Lips could do to me. If it hadn't been for our Kids being there I would have done her right there in the middle of the Living Room.

  • I,personally, love the librarian look, knee length skirt, button up shirt done most of the way up, long hair but up in a bun, very little make up and yes i want her in glasses. I might need to give myself a hand, lol. BTW, I'm manacaped, i have tight Calvin Klein boxer briefs and do you prefer Drakkar or Lagerfeld?

  • Everyone wants their sexual partner to look like models or strippers. I like men to manscape, wear skin tight black Calvin Klein briefs, and wear cologne. That's soooo hot!

  • Then you need to start dating hookers and strippers. There are plenty of them around.

  • Hahahah exactly!

  • You can thank internet p*** for that

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