Want to watch my wife with a man

I have told my wife that I want to watch her have s** with another man. I would also love her to have sexy with another guy alone then come home to me and tell me all about it. I have been trying to get her to try this for over a year now. I also loved hearing about the time she f***** a guy before we got married that had a much bigger c*** than mine as I am not that big

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  • You are a cuckold, it means you have low self esteem, so unconsciously this is a way to 'punish' yourself for your lack of masculinity.
    probably you are also a Jeb Bush supporter.
    you need to men up, lifting some weights will probably help, stop being a beta male.
    best wishes

  • You seem to have bi-sexual and voyeuristic tendencies but do you have to involve your wife in them?

  • Yes I would like to involve my wife in them as she has admitted it turns her on also, she is just scared to try it. And no I have no bisexual fantasies

  • You are a dumbass! One day your wife is going to come home and tell you she f***** a guy with a 9" C*** and she is leaving you! WTF Dude????

  • My wife admitted a MFM threesome would be hot and she is turned on by the idea but she is just scared to try it. She knows watching her have s** with another guy is my biggest fantasy. I am not worried about her leaving me as we have a great relationship. Given the right circumstance I still think she might try it

  • My husband always kidded me about watching me with another man. Thought he was kidding. Not long ago his divorced friend came to stay with us for a few days while in town on business. We socialized and one night we were drinking husband was playing with me and invited his friend to do the same. At first I objected but the alcohol was stronger than I, so I let him feel me up also and enjoyed it. Husband got up and left the room and said he was going to bed leaving me all hot and bothered with his friend. Needless to say we has S*X and di d every night for the next week with hubbys approval.

  • In answer to the comment asking if it is Jen then yes but who is asking

  • My wife took my friend Paul in our bedroom while I sat in the living room but secretly I was filming them started off with caressing each other and then she unfastening his jeans releasing his very hard c*** which she immediately started to suck and at the same time he was undressing her but when he starts to take her knickers off they both look at the camera smiling and then spreading her legs motioning that she is all his. He starts off with sucking her t*** at the same time fingering her with three fingers and then again smiling at the camera getting her to get in the doggy style while he kneels behind her holding onto her love handles while he starts to pound her finishing off with him lying down and her straddling him until he starts to fill her with his s**** they came back in the living room but apart from just grinning never said that they knew about the camera it was one of the hottest times of our marriage and she has repeated it quite a few times so I say go for it even if you're d*** is smaller than anybody else's

  • Is your wife's name Jen

  • I'd want to f*** your wife in front of you so you could see just how much she enjoys big c***. I'll make her says he prefers my c*** too while I'm pounding her c*** and you've got a little b**** say in the corner watching your wife about to fill with my big c*** s****. And of course she'll have to suck my c*** clean after. Why don't you try sloppy seconds, see if either of you can feel anything ;)

  • I set my wife up with black guys.

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