I prefer giving oral

I just don't get it, every time I see an attractive female, I can visualize her shape threw her clothing, then once I assess her personality, all I can think of is eating her out.

I don't care if she reciprocates
I don't care if we get naked
I don't care if she shaves her lady parts or doesn't
I don't care if they are tattooed or pierced
I do like those parts reasonably clean, as in washed daily

All I want her to do is remove any clothing from her genital area, I'll even do that if she wants, and let my tongue and hot breath work that thing, standing, sitting or laying down (although in my experience, they don't tend to want to stand for too long ;P), maybe employ some digital manipulation to give the tongue a break.

At times, when I meet an attractive woman, all I see is a v**** on a chair, which does disturb me at times, and is quite distracting.

What's wrong with all this?

Nothing, my confession is that I don't care if she is on her period, it can be messy, but with good technique, that is no issue (they often have better o****** at this time too -although often with a nasty headache following).

I have known women to get grossed out at the thought of this kind of thing -even s**- at her Moon-time, but I seriously prefer to eat a woman out, and watch her writhe and her abs twitch, than to do the full service.

That's my confession, if you are an attractive female in my life, I see you as a life-support system for your v****, and all I want to do is eat you out until to come, multiple times.

Sep 9, 2015

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  • Jpin the club. A lot of men love to eat p****.

  • I love to do this as well, just the smell of a musky p**** and I'm in heaven

  • I have a p**** that needs attention. Where U from?

  • I'm from Dudley England

  • I'm from Tacoma, WA, love to eat p**** and am a pro at it.

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