My boyfriend is a major douche.

I am mad, and not just a little mad. FULL. BLOWN. P*****. I am in a relationship with the most demanding, degrading, disrespectful, dishonest person on the planet, & i am in love with him...I am casually going about my day when I get a phone call from HIM. I answer the phone and we chat for a second as i think to myself "how sweet he called to check in" NOPE he calls so he can get me to talk dirty to him. And when I don't because I have other employees working near by he gets mad. "I called so I could have you talk dirty to me" He then starts barking orders about when I get home I need to get ready for him throwing out all this nasty "foreplay" he wants to do. Like, really? I tell you my day has been stressful and you seem to think I need to go home and cater to your idiotic idea of what gets me off? S** is a chore with him, Its not fun, its not enjoyable, its whatever he wants. how he wants it when he wants it and I get to feel either like a hoe or an embarrassment/disappointment by the time hes finished. I love him but I hate when he tries to be sexy or gets all h**** and gross. It makes me want to leave whenever he acts like that. I personally dont like s** that much anymore and him guilting me or harrassing me into it doesnt help. Im f****** tired of it, am I a grilfriend? Or a money making blowup doll? F*** YOU!!!! F*** YOU F*** YOU F*** YOU I F****** HATE YOU YOU PIECE OF S*** FUUUUUCK YOU!!!!! G******* I JUST WANT TO YELL I CANT F****** HANDLE HOLDING EVERYTHING IN ANYMORE!

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  • Lol - I was semi seeing a guy a year ago that was the same way, he made me feel like a h***** only I wasn't getting paid (which I would never do),

    It was always about what he wanted which was mostly oral.

    Then I found out I was like girl #5, I am friends with one of the others and well girls talk.

    I regret ever talking to him because I wasted a month pleasing a selfish man-hoe.

    I did learn one thing - I deserve better than that stupid ass and so do you!

  • Why are you with him? If s** is chore for you now and you're dating him that should be a major sign for you to reevaluate this relationship. Because it shouldn't be and it shouldn't be whatever he wants. He doesn't respect you and it sounds like it borders on abusive. Sure you can love him or think you do ..or think it's something like love. But when it comes down to it, love yourself more to know you deserve better. Break up with him today and move on with your life.

  • It's time to go when you feel like you're going to explode if you stay.

  • Leave him his not worth your time guys like that are the biggest dickheads that don't Deserve any girl especially a girl that loves him

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