Is my wife cheating

I let my wife go on a girly weekend to butlins minehead !
She came home yesterday and I noticed her p**** was shaven bald !
I thought it was a bit strange as she's never even trimmed it in our whole 10 years of marriage .
Also I had a look through her phone pics of the weekend and there was lots of strange people in here pics
But this one black guy was in a few !
Mmmm makes you think what was she up too this weekend
Is she a cheat ?

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  • If you want to be a cuckold encourage her more to do her thing-- make it easy on her and treat her nice--she wont regret it and you will not

  • My wife now does as she pleases
    And meets her blk lover Richard 3 times a week
    That's gone from once a week to three times in 2 weeks
    I'm loving it too

  • Why not simply ask her what's going on and discourage any future girly weekends? That someone black was in the pictures probably isn't consequential but her shaving herself might be. Good Luck!

  • Well Duh!!!!!

  • Obviously she has f***** black man and you should confront her but what about asking her to do it while you are watching now that would really be a turn on to see a black c*** s**** your wife

  • Make her drunk and ask her.

  • Ok I defo will

  • I've also just looked through her bag as she's at work now and I spotted no clean or worn knickers mmmm

  • She didn't shave her c*** fog no reason, that black c*** been up her and spunked in the slags c***. Probably f***** the other as well.

  • Had she f***** other men before and has she said she likes black c***, my wife doesn't she said their only interested in spinning and mot her pleasure. She still f**** them though, for a quicky.

  • To be honest I think your right
    Their is no other reason for a shaven p**** !
    How do I confront her ?

  • Next time your f****** her, tell how nice her shaven c*** is then say I bet it looked good with that black c*** in it and carry on f****** her. Do you mind her being a s***?

  • It kinda turns me on that she's gone blk
    And yes I will tell her but she may hate it as she thinks I know

  • Id like to join you and f*** her, with you

  • Let her know and asked her the details as she wanks you off, tell her she's a s*** but your ok with it

  • Bet she didn't use condoms either she likes the s**** in her c*** and mouth. Iv let my wife do it for years and lick her c*** when she comes home, she love it when I spread her legs and say show me you fat s*** c***

  • No I'm sure she didunt use anything like condoms as we never have as she can't stand them
    I hope to god that she did get layed by the blk guy as she did say once she would like to try it
    I'm just a little concered that she may leave me or get pregnant as she not taking contraception either

  • If she is going to f*** around she needs to us contraception. What does she look like?

  • She's 5 ,4 busty brunet tanned and beautiful

  • In my experience slags like f****** around but love the security of home

  • Oh I see well I have no worrys about her ever cheating on me b4
    But u never know!
    If she was chatting to this guy before they met at butlins he may if asked her to go bald for him and to take no underwear for Thier pleasure
    I wouldunt mind her f****** a hung man on a regular basis but it needs to go threw me first and I can't believe she hasn't
    Cheating b****

  • Have you ever f***** anyone else?

  • Yes I have male and female

  • Interesting, so you f*** men or do you get f*****. Iv never been with a mam but you made me hard

  • So she likes big c***, you need to get control and be part of it. She sounds very f*******. Iv got a h******

  • Where abouts are you in the world
    We could maybe arrange something

  • How old are you 2,

  • Me 38 she 36

  • Think I'm to old for you lovely wife, I'm 55. Yes I loved thinking of your wife as I c** in her mouth. My wife's 45 you could f*** her?

  • Ok so how do we go about this ?

  • Has your wife agreed to this and admitted she is a s*** to you?

  • She has now

  • Were you from?

  • Wolverhampton, id like that

  • My wife has just sucked me off, filled her mouth with s**** thinking of your wife

  • My wife is 45 long red hair 5' 3" 40gg with a lovely hairy c*** and she is bisexual. She can be sub or dom. She is always sub with me and expects a spanking when she has f***** someone else

  • Is she interested in me
    I'm 5,11 tall muscular build 7.5 c*** uncut
    Good looking shaved c*** and b****

  • My c*** is 6" very fat and circumcised

  • She's f****** herself with a d**** and I have just wanked spinning all over her t***

  • She wants a 3sm with the both of you. Have you asked your wife if she f***** him yet?

  • Omg I'm gob smacked but very turned on!!!
    The conversation I had with my wife went well ! Mmmm
    I asked her straight if she has been cheating on me she said yes !
    And she also said it was worth it .
    Basically she met a guy on line in the summer from Bristol!
    And again last weekend in butlins
    He had ordered her to shave her p**** bald as last time he kept getting her pubes caught in his teeth where he was giving it so much attention
    So she has now had BBC in her life
    And asked me if I minded her seing him regular as it's all out in the open now
    Of course I said as long as I get to watch
    I also asked about contraception and she said she wants to go back on the pill as the last eight times he's f***** her and pulled out
    I believe her too!!
    So I agreed that they could play and she's now told him I know about them too..

    So he wants my number too

  • My wife is really up for the 3sm, she wants your wife to say it OK

  • Very nice, did you get a h****** when she was telling you. I did when my wife told me. Will she be up for a 3sm with my wife and get her c*** licked

  • Not at the time it hurt a little as she told me
    As another man has now given her great pleasure and she obviously wants more !!!
    But to be fair I have wanked a lot over it today at the thought too

  • Did he want you number so he can have s** with you as well? It will get easier especially if you watch them. I don't join in, but after we have great s**. It will be hard the 1st time, as you will be jealous

  • No so he can tell me the things there going to get up too
    And yes I can watch them hehehe

  • Do you want a 3sm with my wife or you happy with the black c***

  • My wife has told me I'm meeting this blk guy tomorrow he's called Richard
    And he's coming over for the night
    Can't wait !

  • Hope you enjoy seeing his black c*** sliding into her shaven c***. I can recommend licking her c*** immediately after he has spunked in her.
    What are your names I'm Mark and the wife is Sara. What are your names?
    Sara has said I should suck your c***?

  • Our names are dwayne and genna
    Ok I'm going to watch
    If I am aroused by this I will lick her clean but just I'm thinking about it at the moment

  • Good luck Dwayne hope you enjoy

  • G thanks how much life can change in 1 week lol

  • You any pics

  • Mmmm bet U liked

  • Can't believe how sore my c*** is after having about 20 wanks in two days over the thought of my wife's p**** being stretched to the max by Richard her new blk lover

  • My wife shaved her p**** again this morning ready for Richard her blk lover tonight
    I'm a little excited !
    They are going to show me how close they have become without me involed

  • There is nothing like watching a s*** wife prepare herself to accept another man's c***. Most people don't understand this but for a cuckold its heaven.
    Hope you enjoy and he pulls out spraying her shaven c***. Try licking her after, the taste of your wife's c*** and someone else's s****

  • Well it's new to me as it's all happened to me over a week
    I'm glad she's open about her desires and what she needs in life
    She don't want my small white c*** either so
    Roll on tonight

  • Do you mean she wont let you f*** her?

  • No she won't let me go anywhere near her since I found out about her love for hung blk c***

  • You need to set some rules, she can be a s*** but you have to have access to her c*** as well. You are her husband that means you can f*** the s*** b****. She taking the p*** and you need to stand up for yourself or she will totally s*** on you. Unless you are happy with not being allowed to f*** your wife, or she will get pregnant with a mixed race baby and expect you to play happy families with some other blokes child

  • Let me know how you get on, my wife is put tonight and will come home with a spunky c*** for me

  • Ok i will but she's told me that her and Richard are going to a hotel once they have had In front of me and to not expect her home till Sunday ????????

  • That's ok but she has to let you f*** ger when she comes home the s*** b****

  • Ok I will try and put my foot down
    I can't wait to watch her c** on his c*** or face
    She said he's a nice man with a great body and a hung c***
    If i say no to her f****** him then where does that leave us as a couple
    I have to give her what she been craving for the last 12 years

  • She also has to give you what you need, that includes f****** the s*** b****

  • That's fine we haven't had s** for a few months anyway

  • I would mot be happy with this, she using you, bet you bring the most money into the house and who's paying for the hotel?

  • Yes I bring in the most income but it's not about that it's about being happy
    If I lose her then so be it as I will see how close they have became in less than 1 hours time

  • She is selfish, I has to be good for the both of you, I accept my wife because she loves me but has a huge s** drive and I accept she goes out once a week and f**** someone else and looks after my needs as well. Good luck mate hope it works for you

  • Thanks
    But I have just viewed the most intense o****** from my wife I ever dreamed of giving her
    Richard arrived at 730 tonight. He's got a 10 inch thick black c*** too !
    They f***** for an hour and a half then they left for a hotel ( he did joke about a mate meeting them )
    And I guess I will see her Sunday.
    Richard was a nice guy and I know he will look after my wife in more ways than 1
    And yes the w*** I just had said to me that Im more than happy for this kinda lifestyle to go ahead regular
    I loved the way he held her as he c** inside her p****

  • I REALLY KIND OF FEEL BAD FOR YOU. S** is a great normal experience but, I think you need to find a nice black women and see if you like it with someone else, Or find some decent prostitutes and go when she is with Richard. Maybe you will find a nitch you enjoy Honey. I do not f*** around on my hubby but I would take care of you if I could. I am going to tell my hubby that since I do not do blow jobs for him too much he can find a prostitute to go to get blow jobs. Only stipulation is if he wants to f*** he has to wer a condom. Well hope it works out for you..

  • Does your husband lick your p**** for you? Or is it a mutual thing. He doesn't lick you and you don't duck him?

  • Your husband doesn't need to go to a w****, my wife Sara will suck his c*** and swallow his s**** for free. She will also let him f*** her with a condom and your permission.
    She is cubby with big t*** and long red hair, we are from Wolverhampton

  • Ok let's get in touch

  • Are you interested in a fat white c***?

  • Were you from

  • Gloucester

  • Sara still wants to suck your husbands c***

  • So you want Sara to give you husband a good time, she is willing. Are you interested in my fat white c***? Where can we meet up?

  • Oh thanks Hun
    I would love to chat to u more as I feal we could connect sexualy

  • Omg I can't believe the photos I have just received and a Video of my wife sucking deep and being spanked
    So hot
    Looks like they weren't joking about meeting a friend of his

  • Did you lick her clean

  • No I did not

  • Did she let you f*** her when she came home or are you still wanking

  • Still wanking

  • Your going have to get a woman for yourself mate. Do you sleep in the same bed?

  • No I just started to sleep in the spare room Sunday night

  • She's taking you for a mug, grow some b**** and tell her you f*** with Richard and let him pay all her f****** bills

  • My wife is now a blk owned wife and she only has blk c*** and c**

  • Then let the w***** keep her, this has to be a two way process

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