Wife and Mother-in-Law Foot Fetish

I am definitely a foot guy (females only) drives me crazy. Nylons, trouser socks, bare,clean or smelly but well manicured. Feet are one of those things that are either beautiful or disgusting its all in the care and presentation. I happen to think my wife has the sexiest most beautiful and delightfully pungent and smelly feet in the world. She knows about and indulges me in my fetish. I have always wondered if my mother-in-law's feet were as smelly as my wife's, I would love to find out. Normally when I want to smell my wife's feet I will lay on the floor in front of the tv with my knees bent and feet flat on the floor. My wife sits on my stomach leans back against my legs kicks off her shoes and using both feet wraps those delightful little toes around my nostrils and using the space under her toes gently rubs back and forth and fanning her toes out as she rubs, it really makes her foot odor permeate through my nose, I love every second of it. I have always wished that her and my mother-in-law would both take turns doing this to me, I think (wish) my m-in-law would love to have me in this position and have me there often along with a couple of my wife's friends. Sometimes my wife sits on me making me smell her feet for long periods watching movies and that sort of thing. Sometimes I wish my m-in-law would follow behind her when my stomach is already sore from my wife sitting on it for so long. I wish they would tie down arms so that I couldn't make them stop and I wish they would both wear nylons and not change then for two or three days and take turns sitting on my stomach and making smell their feet for hours, and I wish my stomach would be so sore that I would be begging them to get off of it, but I wish they wouldn't and the more I begged them the more I wish they would enjoy it.

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  • Squirt squirt!

  • Sounds like you and your wife have a lot of fun in your relationship she obviously likes to please you, some guys have all the luck.

  • Oh I would so love that??

  • I would completely love to ba a piece of furniture for my pretty little wife, every single day for hours and hours. My stomach could be her personal seat and my face her foot stool!!!!!!!

  • If my wife did that for me I would I'd do anything for her.

  • Would love for my wife and m-in-law to dominate me like that!

  • That sounds heavenly

  • That's awesome!

  • Have you thought about getting your wife to just ask her? If your wife already
    does this she may be willing to ask but you may have more luck if she ask one of her friends instead of her mother.

  • How could you ever ask your wife to get her mother to participate in that. How would she even start that conversation? Dude, just be glad she's cool enough to do it for you in the first place.

  • I want my mother in law to give me a foot job, I want to see her feet rub all up and down my d*** until i c** on them. Naturally I want to lick her feet clean after. I love tasting and licking feet.

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