Girl next door is a S***!

I live in a Condo and my neighbors next door is a young couple. I know the Kid goes to a nearby College and they have a Baby. The Wife/GF looks like a real winner with the most f***** up hairstyle you can imagine and changes the Color every few days. She has a little Honda and usually takes up two spaces when she parks! When the Kid was at School I could hear a sound from our adjoining wall. It took me a minute to figure out someone was f******, I could hear her moaning from the boning as they say. I looked outside and I know the Kid drives a S-10 pickup. The Truck was not in the parking lot. Long story short there are times while the Kid is at School his Wife/GF has guys over and they f***. I feel bad for the Kid and want to tell him his Wife/GF is a little f****** W****!

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  • Hey, mind your own business, maybe a little of what she's doing would help your poor depressed condo! Maybe she's watching a p****, or using a vibrator her boyfriend bought her, maybe that's her relation coming over, that brought the p****. If you mind your own business, you won't have time to mind someone else's! Get a life!

  • Don't say s***! I learned a long time ago you never want to get mixed up in those situations. Things can get turned around and suddenly everyone hates you!

  • Instead of creating problems in this person's marriage, why not simply report this to the Condo association and let them handle it? Since you live so close, you have a right to quiet and decency. Labeling her a w**** doesn't really help the situation.

  • Go get some for yourself dummy

  • You gotta stay out of that. I know you want to do the right thing and let the guy know what's up, but involving yourself in their relationship can only end badly for you. And them. Plus, you don't really "know" what's going on, or what kind of deal they have about outside interests. I'm speaking from personal experience (the bad kind): leave it alone.

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