M******** people

Since when I'm m******** ? I get hard thinking of men beating me up

Sep 23, 2015

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  • U troll

  • F*****

  • I'll come over and beat you up, and as you lay there bruised & bleeding I'll strip you naked to humiliate you. Then I'll spread your ass cheeks and shove my d*** in your ass, I'll f*** you so hard so you bruise on the inside too. Then I'll pull out and c** all over you before punching you in the head.

  • F*** you are making me so hard. Please give me your kiik username

  • You'll be even harder when you wake up after being drugged tied up naked between trees in a park, except you'll be horizontal so I can f*** your face while my friends kicks you in your b****. I'll punch you face repeatedly as I force my huge d*** down your throat. Then I'll f*** your ass so hard while my friend kicks your head. I won't c** yet. I'll untie you and beat the s*** out of you until you're just about conscience and I'll rape you. I will rape your ass. My huge d*** will ram your f***** ass until I c** so f****** hard In your ass and you're screaming like a little girl. We'll leave you there, unable to move, covered in blood and full of c**. You still hard f*****?

  • I would enjoy beating you up.

  • Please do.

  • Try BDSM. I'm sure there are a lot of groups that get together to beat the h*** out of each other.

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