So close to f****** my mother in law!

So it's been building up, I've been touching her in sensitive places for week, giving extra long hugs, accidentally running her ass or t*** and today I took it to the next step and kissed her! She's late 50's but such a milf. No one else home and we were making out. To not lose the moment I stripped her naked and went down on her to get a taste I so longed after. As I got naked she sort of stopped play and began laughing. Apparently I have s much smaller d*** than she was expecting! Wtf! So she grabbed it and started stroking my d***. Within 3 strokes I had lost control and shot a load of s**** all over her t*** and stomach. It was all too much for me. She burst out laughing and said maybe it was for the best and got up to clean up and get dressed. I had f***** up my chance to f*** may mother in law!!!! All I got out of it was she tasted a bit of my c** from her t** and she let me keep her panties she'd just been wearing. They smell f****** delicious but I'd rather have shagged her!!!

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  • A year on, we started making out again recently and I hope down on her regularly and she sucks/strokes me off. She finally let me f*** her and it was amazing!

  • No details?

  • Well it doesn't sound like she will be asking you for more.

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