Forced Nudity

I’ll never forget this incident as long as I live. I was 11 and my sister, Nancy, was 14 and poor sis was stuck taking care of me on days when our parents worked. Three of her friends, Jane, Margie and another whose name I can’t remember were over at our house together with Jane’s and my sister’s boyfriends, Tommy and Ricco. The girls were carrying on talking about some other girl, Stella, who they were angry at, something about her being flirty or taking away one of their boyfriends. I guess jealousies run strong with adolescent girls at that age not to mention their raging hormones. To my prepubescent mind it seemed that Stella was going to get a come uppin of some kind. There was a ballgame on TV and I felt pretty good at being included by the older boys so we weren’t really paying too much attention. But it seems that Stella was coming over and the girls we’re waiting to put over some sort of ambush. Well, after a while Stella shows up and everything seemed ok at first as they let her into the living room where everyone else was hanging out. She sure was a real pretty girl which, looking back I’ll bet was another reason for the jealousy by the other girls. She had blonde hair in a ponytail and smaller than the other girls maybe a little younger.
Then they started getting a little louder and Jane pushes Stella. The other girls pounced and wrestled her to the floor. With four bigger girls against her poor Stella didn’t have a chance. I still remember hearing one of the girls say “let’s get her clothes off” and I don’t think us boys were paying any attention to the TV anymore. Her blouse came off first then a small bra, halter thing exposing her upper body while the hapless girl protested for the others to stop. A small skirt followed as Stella looked around in desperation but the boys were just ogling this catfight with some anticipation, I know I was. We knew she was about to get completely stripped nude and I was a little nervous with anticipation. I had seen my sister in her skimpy underwear but never had seen a nude girl before. Stella struggled as they started tugging on her only remaining garment, her panty, but off they came as my virgin eyes ogled the poor nude girl. Her white body was completely hairless and you could clearly see her genital slit as the panty came off. I think they forced her out into the street completely nude but I don’t remember much after that as I was still reeling from watching her getting stripped nude. Wow!

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  • Its a filth

  • I truly hope your not a fifty plus year old man confessing to a pedophile fantasy of yours. If this is true and this happened to my daughter there would be h*** to pay. Legal h***. Also if this is true you should have at least tried to protect your sister from this abuse.

  • What can an 11-year-old do? Troll.!

  • No one wants to read a longass paragraph

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