My next door Neighbor is a Lush and I f***** her!

There is a Lady next door to me her name is Nancy, she is a local Real Estate Agent. She is in her 50's I think and actually looks very sexy for her Age. She always looks well dressed in a Skirt, Heels, and Blouse of some kind. Anyway from overhearing arguments Nancy must put the Alcohol down pretty good, her Husband on her at times when he gets a bit loud. I think he gets tired of her and every so often he takes off for a few days. One night I was watching TV when Nancy showed up unannounced. She looked like she had just left the Office, her usual Business Attire. She just wanted someone to have a Drink with and talk for a few minutes. I don't remember how many Drinks we had before I started to undress Nancy in my Kitchen. I remember thinking how great she was at Kissing and we should go upstairs. We made it to the Living Room and that was it, we were on the Carpet and I was trying to remove her Blouse the rest of the way but gave up. Heels, Stockings still on when I entered Nancy. I wasn't gentle or tender at all, and If Nancy didn't like it she didn't protest, I just slammed f***** her until I came.

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