My P*** Obsession

Well since the age of 12 I've been watching p***. It's almost like I need it to actually have an o*****. I'm a 17 year old male and I know this isn't healthy.
Now, because of my over use of p***, it can take up to an hour to actually o***** when I'm having s** with my girlfriend. I mean it's good to last and not be a quick shooter, but after a while she's had her o***** but I get anxious and think she is getting bored so I either tell her to stop or fake it, claiming I've had a blank c**.
I need to stress something here. The reason I have problems is not because I am comparing pornstars and p*** to real life. I know the difference and I can tell you, my girlfriend is sexy and I would rather have her than some pornstar.
I just for some reason can get off quicker with p*** than with my girlfriend. It's really weird and I feel very incompetent in bed.

Sep 28, 2015

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  • Don't m********* a day before. Then imagine yourself with the pornstar while you're having s**. I've been married a long time and I've always imagined myself with someone else. My husband's good-looking but I don't fantasize having s** with him, even though I want to have s** with him daily. As for masturbating, it's natural especially at your age. But it is a problem because it prevents you from having s** with your gf.

  • Yeah if a man is in a relationship with a lady then he needs to save up his c**. If you wanna give her a real good squirt on her face you will need a full tank. I am pretty sure my man saves it up because he really shoots a big load at me. A word of warning though girls: just as he is about to c** on your face then close your eyes, believe me you don't want that stuff in your eyes. It stings, it really stings, over the years I have had a few hit me in the eyes. I know I should close them but I just love to see c** spurting out. Or wear a pair of glasses, that is what I do now, two birds with one stone (i) keeps the c** out of your eyes, and (ii) I now need them anyway for close up work.

  • I have this exact same problem. I am a 30 year old male who has masterbated my whole life. Best thing to do is to stop beating. I know its hard, but stop the addiction. Trust me ive been there, it makes going for pregancy the hardest thing, streesful trying to get the o***** in her.

    Next choice is edgying before you have s**. Beat till close then stop. You may come to quick, but it will teally help out.

  • I have the totally opposit problem. I'm also addicted to p*** and m********* daily sometimes up to 5 times a day but I come very quickly.

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