Bad.......but exciting.

I graduated from high school last spring but am still living at home with my parents. I start college in January but will still be living with them. I still have to live by their rules while I am there which means no sleepovers with my boyfriends. And I still have to go to church with them for mass. For Saturday mass, I decided I needed some private fun so I took a butt plug with me and before we went into the main church I went to the restroom and put the plug in me and then went back and sat with my parents and just squirmed all over that plug. My mom thought I was whack or something but I was so turned on to have that thing up me that I couldn't sit still. I kept it in me while we were in the car going home and I was almost getting an o***** every time we hit a bump or a pothole and my mom asked me "Daria what is wrong with you? Do you have ants in your pants?" and I just laughed and said not exactly. LOL.

Sep 28, 2015

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  • Boyfriends ? BOYFRIEND's' ?

  • Yes, I have more than one but my parents won't let any of them sleep over with me.

  • ^^^. Fuc ken nerd. Why dont you focus more on the story. How she had a plug up her puss y and almost orgasmed.

  • ^^^ love this comment lol

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