F***** my boyfriends dog

As we speak my boyfriend's dog is licking peanut butter off of my a****** and my p****. He has a very big c*** and I can't wait for him to get the idea that I want him to f*** me

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  • Like the sound of that.

  • You need to go to Tijuana girlfriend! Then you'd get paid for things like this. Train yourself with a dog and once you have more experience, get rammed by a donkey in Mexico!

  • I like peanut butter but never tried it off an a*** or a p****! That cream in a squirt carton is great on those parts of a ladies anatomy and it looks good all over your helmet. It brings a new element to oral s**.
    I like to cream up my GFs p**** and then squirt a bit of chocolate or fruit sauce over the top of it - really finishes it off.
    I used to have a dog and she used to love licking my c*** and would do so for ages, I would be a quivering wreck at the end. When she got a mouthful of c** she would sit there licking her lips before she started licking again.
    I used to have a GF who had a dog who I had to fight to see who would get to lick her p****. The smell used to drive him (and me) mad.

  • I heard Bok Choy works best. Good luck, son.

  • Must disgusting thing on earth ever you mist be sick thinking of having s** with a dog where is your fu ken brain. They are so many nice guys in the world why would you fu k a fucken ugly dog thats just fu kes sick and disgusting

  • If its disgusting why are you reading the confession

  • You might want to stop doing this. Women have died of allergic reactions after having s** with a dog.

  • Wow really? Damn.

  • You are sick. You need to go to hospital

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