Using escort girls for s** rather that dating

My father makes a good deal of money and he sent me through college. Every once in awhile I rent a room and call up an escort service. This allows me to have s** and avoid a potential disaster with a coed.

Reading about coeds who apparently had consented to s** and then saying they had been raped is not for me.

My father is taking good care of me and when I want some p**** I hire an escort girl.

I'm aloof around the coeds and they know why.

I told them.

Oct 1, 2015

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  • In most cases girls are given tons of alcohol or drugs, and then raped. Never understood why girls want to go drinking at parties. It's literally a trap. Don't get why it's ever worth it. Why is being drunk so cool? If you love it so much, maybe do it at home? I'm not trying to blame the victim. Those a****** rapists need to get what's coming to them. But we really need to educate people on date rape, party rape, all of that. Keeping people ignorant leads to them getting raped.

  • I agree with you. Girls are high maintenance nowadays while escorts are straightforward and are probably cleaner. When was the last time you've heard a hookup getting tested for STI? NEVER! Furthermore, escorts have better skills and are happy with getting paid for s**. GFs are game players and want you to pay for every meal, etc. for a maybe-you'll-get-laid attitude. You're being smart. Hire escorts for the rest of your life as long as you can afford it. Also, use several so you don't fall in love with any of them. Sounds silly but you'll find out how common it is if you google it.

  • Loser. Maybe you should join the rest of the world. Some may find it thrilling to chase ass. Girls only say rape when they are drugged up and found out they fuc ked a loser like yourself.

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