My huge c***

My c*** is so huge that when girls suck it they choke on it and pass out from lack of air. The last w**** I f***** after she passed out I slapped her face with my c*** then came in her mouth then p***** all over her and left her there passed out on the floor.

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  • They pass out from lack of air? LMAO

  • I want to choke on your c** like the faggt I'm

  • I could take it. I'd take it in my mouth, my t***, my ass. My husband is huge and I'm tight and I take it all the time.

  • Bullshit flag has been thrown, fifteen years for thumb d*** telling lies. Grow up stupid.

  • F*** you you wish you were as large as me.

  • I don't think you have anything anyone else would want. You live in a Walter Mitty World, making up stories to make people think you are something special. Well you ain't, you are just one sad git!

  • Well you aren't, not, "well you ain't"

  • 2 inches isn't large dude

  • It's half an inch, "a quarter of a mushroom tip!" Not girth, no nothing lol! Sad 😞

  • Getting hard thinking of you doing all this to me

  • I aint gay b**** but maybe, just maybe if you get on your knees and beg I will do the same to you too f**! You could use a mouthful of my c** couldn't you bitchboy? Do you get hard just thinking about it?

  • I will get on my knees and beg you to f*** my mouth like the lil sl*t I'm!

  • That's a good b****. Get down on your knees and open wide. Wider! All the way you can because you're about to choke on the largest c*** you ever tasted little fagboy. After this your jaw will probably be out of shape. When you're gagging and swallowing my load I will pinch your nose so you can't breathe and pass out. If you vomit I will leave your face lying in it. After I c** and pull my c*** out after it shrinks a little I will p*** on your face and in your mouth to leave my taste in you so you will never forget me.

  • Give me ur kïk username pretty pleaaase

  • You wish fagboy. What makes u think ur worthy?

  • Pleaase daddy! I want you to humiliate me more and beat me up for being a s****ty f**

  • I want you to choke ME instead! Please, baby, stick that thing down my throat and then shove it up my ass. PLEASE! I NEED YOU! I won't complain if you f*** other people, just give that thing to me whenever you want to! Just f*** me! F*** ME!!

  • "What can he do, with a quarter tip bell end?"

  • F*** me too

  • WTF is wrong with you xD Why would you p*** on her and just leave her there?! What if she legit drowned in ur p*** or c**, or choked on her tongue or some s***. You are going to die alond with cats if you don't stop being such a cocky a******.

  • F*** you idiot learn how to spell

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