My Boyfriend~

I confess that I love my boyfriend. Truly. He's so unlike the other guys and I ... I don't know. He just really stands out to me. I'm so glad I met him b/c he really has changed my life. [For the better, no less.] He treats me with respect and love. He's so sweet. Intelligent. Clever. Witty. Brilliant.~ He doesn't intimidate me, like the other guys do, and it's just so easy to talk to him. Like, I can just tell him about -anything- and I know for a fact that I can trust him with it. I know it's going to sound stupid, but yes. I love his looks as well. He has the most gentle eyes I have -ever- seen on -anyone,- his cheeks are sho flubby, and his smile can light up my day. He's so understanding and he's staring at me right now. How awkward, haha. xD Ah, he knows how much I love him. ... I think. I hope. Well anyway, he's the best boyfriend I have ever had and I highly doubt that I would find -any other guy- like him. I mean, how can I find another amazing guy when I've already found my dream guy? Why would I be dissatisfied with the guy whom God sent to me, to which back then, I'd prayed to God nearly every single night, asking for someone just like him. 5 months into our relationship, I must say that he -is- my dream guy and there's no one else I'd be happier with. Sweetie, if you're reading this, you little stalker, just always remember that I love you. Always did, still do, and always will. Muah.~

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  • Awww...luv u to the moon n back! Muaaaaah!!

  • That is so cute. *tears drop out of my soul

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