H******* Teen but self esteem issues

I'm only a fifteen year old girl, but I m********* everday. On the internet I've seen people say masturbation is perfectly normal, but at this age I can't help feel like it's wrong. While I'm doing it's great, but it's like I'm a whole different person, and most of the time I end up feeling ashamed. My mum and one of my best friends know I m********* but no one else. At my age especially for girls, I think it's frowned upon (or i get that feeling at least) and I think my other friends would be disgusted. I have watched p*** and sent nudes, I do not to either of these a lot but I still feel grossed out about myself, because not many others my age have done the same. Normally I am quite nerdy (not slutty) girl so this would be considered out of my character. I heard a boy in my year say he hadn't even watched p***, and it makes me feel gross. I know at least one of the boys in my year have sent nudes etc, but I don't think any of the girls like me have. Help.

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  • Nothing wrong with m*********** whether youre a boy or girl its perfectly normal reaction to sexual desir and stimulation. kepp going and enjoy ever second of it

  • Masturbation is very normal. Its the safest s** in the world and in some ways the most pleasurable. You know what you want and you give it to yourself. You get through, take a shower and its like nothing happened.

  • Oh great another 300lb basement dweller pretending to be a young girl.

  • You're lucky. I start masturbating from 4 years old. Honestly.

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  • Don't be ashamed. S** is amazing. Stay safe. I am h**** all the time. I c** a few times a day. Even after s** with my husband. I get really h**** after I have s** and sometimes I will have more than one man a day. That is such a turn on. Some of us are just more h**** than others. Please yourself and don't be ashamed.

  • I was in your EXACT position (minus the nude pictures). I was the nerdy girl whom everyone balked at when I cussed, much less made even a s** joke (despite the fact of being dirty minded). I have been masturbating for a very long while, so my age always made me feel ashamed

  • (cont.) I never told my friends anything about it, I thought that they would be disgusted--most of them at the time certainly gave me that impression. P*** was taboo, and yet, there I was watching it more often than I should. The whole thing made me depressed, but how do you quell strong sexual urges? I tried, but always failed, and felt so ashamed of myself once the high was gone.
    When I was fifteen, I chanced upon a s** documentary late one night. This one thing changed my view forever, because they told me that (around) 65% of female fifteen year olds m********* at least once a week. So you see, you're not alone. We're almost all hit by those sexual urges, even people your own age. Turns out that one of my friends whom I thought would abandon me is almost as bad as I was, it just came a little later for her (by one year, so not much).
    Don't worry about it too much, okay? Remember, if you go to a small school like I did, and it's a religious area, it's not like that everywhere. Bigger the place, the more you see and hear it.

  • Don't be ashamed of m***********. Every girl does it (except for the rare asexual) don't feel bad about it. But sending nudes is different. If you get caught you can be arrested for possession and distribution of child p********** (since you're under 18) stay safe on the Internet and have fun

  • WOAH :O Thank you so much I did not know that, I will avoid sending nudes until the future. Why does it count as child p********** if its me? Like my own photos? Is it just the fact that I'm sending them basically as child p**********...? Thank you so much!!!

  • Yes, even if the pics are of you it's illegal because it is child p**********.
    Those laws are to keep kids safe. Keep yourself safe!
    Masturbation is normal and natural. We all have sexuality (ok, with the exception of asexual people) -it's not just for 'hot' or 'cool' people. It's all of us. Shame sucks! There is nothing to be ashamed of about masturbating.
    And you don 't have to talk about it with your friends. It can be private, just yours. Sometimes sharing with the wrong people can be a bad experience. It would be sad if you had judgement heaped on top of something you already feel shame about.
    You have a body. Enjoy it all you possibly can!

  • Every girl your age master bate. No one talks about it. Many girls your age already fu cks. There is no shame in it. You may want to look in your moms drawer and find her toys. She may let you borrow one.

  • Thank you v much

  • I let My Pretty 13 Year Old Neighbor Watch Me M********* and C**!

    I knew as soon as I saw her pretty blonde haired blue eyed face walking towards me that she wanted to watch me m********* and c**. I stripped nude as she was approaching and my nice big p**** was already hard. I started to m********* in front of her as she looked upon me intently. She let me take my time enjoying every minute of having her watch me m*********. Every so often I would let go of my p**** so she could see it throbbing visibly. I would glance at her occasionally and smile so she knew how much I was enjoying having her watch me.I continued to m********* very hard and when I finally came she saw my c** squirt out three feet several times. She let me finish c****** completely and as I started to clean up my c** she smiled and walked away.

  • And then u woke up in a puddle of your own c** u sad t***

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