How a nerdy 16 year old got some s**

I was not a bad boy. I was polite and I was not into drugs or drinking. I didn't get in trouble at school.

I was skinny and was a no athlete. Nothing about me was special until one fatal day.

There were a number of sexually active girls at school. Some of them were pretty and some of them were not so good looking.

My friend was dating one of these girls. One day she asked him to perform oral s** on her and he refused. He told me about this and I told him to tell her I'd be glad to do it for her. He laughed and said hed tell her.

He told her alright and she said I could do that to her as long as I didn't try to f*** her.

We got together and I got down to business. I had never done that before but I had no problem pleasing her.

I really didn't know what I was doing but I felt that if I swept my tongue over the entire v***** I was bound to be touching on the right part. When I found out what a c******* was I focused on that.

Word spread and before I was 18 I serviced Norma, Linda, Barbara and Judy. There was only one sexually active black girl and her name was Catherine. She got my male cherry after I ate her.


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  • Was that one of ugly ones?

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