S** times 3

My husband is really into me having s** with other men and then coming home and having s** with him while i give him the details.we have been doing this couple times a week for the last few years.Lately i been wanting to have s** with an black guy.MY husband agreed and we found a guy i liked in a local personal ad.He was a handsome college student that was barely 23,and he had a rather large p****.I meet him at a local bar and after a few drinks and dances we went to his place.What i didn't know was that he had room mates,two of them.they seemed nice and we went on to is room.once there he slowly kissed my shaking body while undressing me.i felt his huge erection against my body and was instantly wet.he kissed his wsy to my p**** were he gave me two o****** with his mouth.He began kissing his way back up my body and before i knew it i felt his member inside me it went half way before it startec to streach me,i began the first of many o******.we had s** in 7 positions before he tired,as we lay talking i admitted i wanted to do it again.he said he would be unable to get it up and suggested i try a room mate.i said yes and made love to both for sevrral hours.when i got home my husband couldn't belive the amount of s**** in me,and how red my p**** was.i didn't tell him exactly what happened but he enjoyed it.

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  • I am so jealous! I have s** with other men, but my husband would kill me if he knew. It's a real turn on two have more than one partner in the same day. I'm getting kind of wet just thinking about it.

  • Lucky woman to have experienced that and have an understanding husband.

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