So I'm a male but not gay,but I wonder what d*** taste like , is it like sucking on your finger, I mean it's just skin

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  • Give head is amazing!

  • Married man that loves to suck d***. My friend texts me once or twice a week and I hang with him at his place. I'm slowing becoming addicted to swallowing his load. Taste so good.

  • Oh no, darling......it is soooooo NOT like sucking on your finger. It's like sucking on heaven. Give it a try. Trust me: you're going to LOVE it. And you won't ever be able to stop it. You are going to make a great, great lover. Wish you were here with me right now. All night. Mmmmmmmm........delicious. I would totally teach you.

  • I'm not the OP, but I'm dreamt of sucking a d*** for ages. How would you teach me? ;)

  • It shouldn't have any taste if it's clean. But the c** can taste bitter if the guy had alcohol the day before. The best tasting is when he drinks pineapple juice instead. ;)

  • It tastes great, you can suck mine

  • Describe your d*** so I can imagine sucking it

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