I'm friends with a girl born of incest

She was born of the union of brother and sister. She has a unusual handicap. Her elbows and knees failed to fully develop while her mother was carrying her. Her arms are always in the fetal position similar to a boxer. After many operations she is able to walk with difficulty.

She was adopted and her adoptive parents sent her through college. I was always amazed that she was not mentally retarded.

She was advised to never have a child but she got knocked up anyway by a guy who considered himself a studmuffin.

I was talking to this guy and the guy told me he wanted to see what the baby would be like. I told him that was very selfish and I quite frankly didn't understand his motives.

The baby has the same problems as her mother but only about half as bad.

The worlds full of weird people and the girl and her boyfriend are two of them.

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  • My love u should know a standing p**** has no concience

  • This is total bullshit, babies born of incest are normal and healthy just like any other baby, it's a common lie told to keep incest couples from having children. Not saying in this instance you're lying about the baby, but the baby didn't properly develop because of other season, not incest. I know what I am talking about because I am a child born of incest and I'm healthy, and I know others that have been born like me and they are all normal and healthy. Incest does not cause birth defects.

  • It sometimes does u may b healthy now but n later life weaknesses may occure

  • "'No one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations. I am the LORD. Leviticus 18:6

    Wish that folks should read their bibles, that is the manual of life!

  • Tell me something, why is a Christian like yourself in here reading stuff like this anyway?

  • Damn - that is so messed up! Yes you are right so wrong on so many levels!

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